What to wear? Antique shopping edition

Good evening, dear reader, and welcome to this, my second ever blog post.  Today was a great day.  After work this morning, I popped in to some of my favorite antique stores.  I hadn’t really planned on making an excursion of it, but after finding so many envy inducing treasures, I began taking pictures to document my day.

First off, here’s what I wore today:

I date this dress from the mid-50s.  It was made by Jay Herbert of California.  I love the embroidery detail on the skirt and the wide portrait collar.

Shoes:  Forever 21

Earrings:  Brighton

And some of the wonderful things I couldn’t buy.  If only I had unlimited money!

An amazing vanity:

Incredible black Art Deco vanity. The next time two grand falls into my lap. . .

I wish I could tell you that I wear something just like this to bed every night.   Alas, I cannot.

Some wonderful hats, that although were reasonably priced, were still out of my justifiable budget.  I may try to recreate the black tilt hat though.

Flawless vintage tilt hat with black lamb trim

Adorable chocolate satin bow headband with taupe veiling and mink trim. So pretty!

Navy and chocolate gingham, matching bolero and look at the bow! Still with original tags! Sigh.

This lady head vase had the most glamourous hat of the day! Another to recreate for Fleur de Tease. . .

I did buy one thing though.  A beautiful black vintage ostrich plume that will make some lovely hat very, very happy someday.

Stay tuned for the next post. . . the first Vintage Excursion of this blog!  I’ll be going to the Magic Castle, which is every bit as mysterious and fabulous as it sounds.

Ta for now!


About Fleur de Tease Millinery

I'm a ballroom and burlesque dancer, opera singer and hat maker. Find my handmade vintage inspired millinery designs at fleurdetease.etsy.com.
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